Character Creation

All characters start at level 1. Characters introduced after the game begins (Including replacement characters because of death or retirement) start at a level equal to the lowest level member of the active party -1.

All ability scores start at 8, and may be improved on a 1:1 basis from a pool of 30 points.

Allowed Books are, Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic (Except for Words of Power), Inner Sea Magic and Inner Sea World Guide.

You are also allowed to use books specific to your Race or Faith. (For example: Humans may make use of “Humans of Golarion” and worshipers of good deities are allowed to use “Faiths of Purity”)

Character Alignments may not be evil. Chaotic Neutral characters are only allowed if they do not cause undue strife within the party or the storyline. Should that event occur, the player will be asked to retire the character and create a new character with a more appropriate alignment.

Hit points are Maximum at 1st level, every level after 1st, hit points are rolled. This roll must be made in front of the DM, rerolls are allowed under the whim of said DM.

All characters start with 150 gp with which to buy starting equipment.

Character Creation

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