Hero Points

There are moments in any struggle that influence the outcome. Does the brave warrior lay low the villain before he can finish casting a devastating spell? Does the sly rogue avoid detection as she sneaks into the giant chieftain’s lair? Does the pious cleric finish casting her healing spell before the rain of arrows ends the life of her companions? Just a few die rolls decide each of these critical moments, and while failure is always a possibility, true heroes find a way to succeed, despite the odds. Hero points represent this potential for greatness. They give heroes the chance to succeed even when the dice turn against them.

A character may only have 3 hero points at any one time. (Any gained in excess are lost.)

Gaining Hero Points:

  • Starting Character: Every character begins with 1 Hero Point.
  • Gaining a Level: Every time a character gains a level, he gains 1 Hero Point.
  • Character Story: A written background of good quality that ties your character in with the city of Sandpoint and its citizens will allow the character to begin with +1 Hero Point.
  • Complete Plot Arc: At the completion of each plot Arc, every character gains 1 Hero Point.
  • Faith: If the character has a deity, she may gain 1 Hero Point by upholding the tenants of her faith in an especially grand way, or when they face a major enemy of their faith. (These Hero Points may be temporary and fade if not used in the specific encounter.)
  • Heroic Acts: A character that does something especially heroic, selfless, or Awe-inspiring may gain 1 hero point.
  • Return from the Dead: A character that dies does not lose her hero points, however if a character has 0 hero points and is returned to life via powerful magic, she gains 1 Hero Point.

Spending Hero Points: Characters may only spend 1 hero point per round.

  • Act out of Turn: You can spend a Hero Point to take your turn immediately. Your initiative changes as if you had readied an action. You may only make a standard or move action on this turn.
  • Bonus: If used before the roll is made, you gain a + 8 bonus on any d20 roll. If used after the roll is made, you only gain + 4. You may also use a hero point to aid another person’s d20 roll if there is anything you could conceivably do to help them. When used in this way, the bonuses are halved (+ 4 prior to the roll, or + 2 after the roll).
  • Extra Action: You may spend a hero point to gain an extra standard or move action on your turn.
  • Inspiration: You may spend a hero point to ask the DM for a hint as to what to do next if you feel stuck. If the DM decides there is no information to be gained, the point is not spent.
  • Recall: You may spend a hero point to regain a spell slot already used, gain Spell Points equal to the highest level spell you can cast, or regain a use of an ability that is usable only a certain number of times per day.
  • Reroll: You may spend a hero point to reroll any d20 roll, you must take this result even if it is lower.
  • Special: You may spend a hero point to attempt something that would normally be impossible, or break a rule once. Subject to DM discretion.
  • Cheat Death: You may spend 2 hero points (This is the only way to spend more than 1 hero point in a round) to keep your character from dying, the character is left at negative hit points and stable. You may also spend points this way to prevent the death of a familiar, animal companion, eidolon or special mount. You may not use this ability to prevent the death of another character or NPC.

Hero Points

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